e'dyn Electric boat engines

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e'dyn Electric boat engines

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Ahoy! Welcome to our e'dyn electric boat engines section. We are at your disposal for questions, calculations or advice on e'dyn engines! Together we will find the right electric motor for you. We are looking forward to your inquiry!
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e'dyn stands for Electric Dynamic Nautics and offers propulsion systems for boats in different variations and performances. The drive systems can be used on various ships on lakes, rivers and seas. e'dyn brings a high degree of innovation and decades of experience at a professional level. The main company has been known as a supplier to the automotive industry for many years and is therefore known for high quality and good processes.
e'dyn prices in comparison

E'dyn Premium drives

The company e'dyn offers individual installation possibilities. Especially optically the outboards and also the batteries in a modern design and high-quality workmanship make quite a difference. The environmental thought and the cleanliness of the waters have a significant influence on the development of the drives.
e'dyn Premium drives

E'dyn service areas and technology

e'dyn electric motors range from 4.3 kW to 150 kW power. The lithium batteries range from 8 kWh to 15 kWh per 48 V battery pack and can be combined as required.

The cells are characterised by a light weight, a relatively high discharge depth and a high discharge current. In addition, the batteries are maintenance-free, leak-proof, fast charging and splash-proof.
e'dyn service areas and technology

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greenboatsolutions is the official distributor of the manufacturer E'dyn Marine (Podkrižnik d.o.o.) from Slovenia. You can order your new e'dyn e-motor directly from us. Within a few days the motor is ready for shipment and will be sent to your home.

e'dyn electric motors | Advice, prices and installation | If required, we can arrange a service partner for the installation of your e'dyn shaft systems free of charge.
Official e'dyn partner

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