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Input power: 1,1 kW




Spring 2024

2.799,00 €
inkl. 19% MwSt. , inkl.


E-outboard with a power of 1,100 watts. The Torqeedo Travel is suitable for dinghies and sailboats up to about 1,500 kg displacement. The Torqeedo motor with tiller has a tiller with a modern color display and onboard computer. The Travel is available as a short and long shaft.

Please select the appropriate battery below in the configurator. You have the choice between the Essential Package with 1,080 Wh and the Extended Range with 1,425 Wh. (32% more range)


Product configurator


Torqeedo Travel

1 x Torqeedo Travel


1,1 kW




Torqeedo Travel Battery 1080 Wh

1 x Torqeedo Travel Battery 1080 Wh


1.08 kWh



Torqeedo surcharge 1425 Wh battery

Torqeedo surcharge 1425 Wh battery


1,425 kWh




Torqeedo charger 180 W

1 x Torqeedo charger 180 W


180 W




Sunfold 50 solar panel

Sunfold 50 solar panel




Travel bag set

Travel bag set




Remote kit for Travel

from now on




1 x Torqeedo Travel


1 x Torqeedo Travel Battery 1080 Wh


1 x Torqeedo charger 180 W


Total price


Properties Torqeedo Travel

Input power

1.1 kW

comparable performance

3 PS


70 lbs


29.6 V

integrated battery


integrated battery capacity

1.08 kWh


33 dB

Noise level

almost silent

rotations per minute

1450 rpm


20.2 kg


On-board computer with color display

kill switch



short/normal shaft

shaft length

62.5 cm


remote or tiller

Speed control

infinitely variable

saltwater resistant




tilting mechanism

manual with overrun protection

trimming mechanism

manual 4-level

tiltable tiller



2 Years

What's new about the Torqeedo Travel?

Torqeedo Travel 1103 / 903 / 603

Torqeedo Travel (from 2024)

Black and white display without app

Color display with more information, app for WLAN/Bluetooth

Rigid fin - susceptible to impact damage

Improved, flexible fin (does not break)

Smaller battery with 915 Wh, without indicator

Larger battery with 1,080 Wh or 1,425 Wh with charge indicator

2 connection cables and error-prone connection

Click & play mechanism for easy battery insertion

Pin comes loose when folded up (makes handling difficult)

Pin can be folded up and down - perfect for control and transport

  • A clean affair: With the Travel model, no matter how you store the engine, you have the advantage that nothing leaks and there is no unpleasant gasoline smell.

  • A manual tilting device and a flexible - yet robust - fin protect the engine from impact damage.

  • Motor and battery are completely waterproof (IP 67).

  • An integrated color display on the tiller provides information on speed, consumption, charge status and remaining range in time or distance thanks to the onboard computer with GPS.

  • Emergency stop magnet chip: When the chip is removed, the motor stops immediately for your safety.

  • The charging status can be read on the battery even without being connected to the motor thanks to a practical LED.

  • 2 years warranty

1 kW outboard motor with integrated battery compared

Torqeedo Travel
Torqeedo Travel
ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 PLUS
ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 PLUS inkl. 1276 Wh Akku
Torqeedo Travel 1103 CS
Torqeedo Travel 903 C inkl. 915 Wh Akku
Haswing Ultima 3.0
Haswing Ultima 3.0 inkl. 900 Wh Akku
Mercury Avator 7.5e
Mercury Avator 7.5e inkl. 1 kWh Akku
TEMO 1000
TEMO 1000

Torqeedo Travel

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 PLUS Torqeedo Travel 1103 CS Haswing Ultima 3.0 Mercury Avator 7.5e TEMO 1000
Preis 2.799,00 €2.199,00 €2.199,00 €1.699,00 €3.549,00 €2.899,00 €
not available
Versand Spring 2024 2-3 business days 3-4 workdays 3-4 workdays 2-3 business days 3-5 business days
Input power 1.1 kW 1 kW 0.9 kW 1.03 kW 0.916 kW 1 kW
integrated battery capacity 1.08 kWh 1.276 kWh 0.915 kWh 0.9 kWh 1 kWh 0.74 kWh
noise 33 dB 55 dB 33 dB 70 dB - dB - dB
weight 20.2 kg 19.4 kg 17.3 kg 17.2 kg 27.1 kg 15 kg
display On-board computer with color display board computer with digital display board computer with digital display simple battery display board computer with digital display simple battery indicator

Operation - Torqeedo Travel outboard motor

  • The stepless speed control ensures efficient power consumption.

  • The control is possible forward and backward thanks to the comfortable handle. Thanks to the improved fin, it is now also possible to ride standing up!

  • Integrated and removable battery with convenient carrying handle, as well as foldable fin for easy transport. The motor without battery weighs only 11.6 kg.

  • Comparable to a 3 HP gasoline outboard, only much more environmentally friendly, quieter, lighter and more comfortable

  • Click & Play: No more cables - simply insert the battery and start driving!

  • The steering can be adjusted between 360°, +/- 60° and fixed. (ideal for sailboats with rudder)

  • The assembly is done within a few simple and uncomplicated steps at the stern of the tender, dinghy or dinghy. To attach the battery, the engine can now be rotated 360°.

Operation - Torqeedo Travel outboard motor

Technology of the Torqeedo Travel

  • Available in two shaft lengths (short shaft - 62.5 cm and long shaft 75 cm)

  • Low weight - only 20.2 kg or 21.2 kg (depending on the battery) ensure good handling on board.

  • The direct drive motors are absolutely maintenance-free.

  • Thanks to the brushless DC motor, the motor achieves a high overall efficiency.

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery provides a long range

  • Whisper quiet - only 33 dB! The electric motor is significantly quieter than combustion engines. Only the rushing waves are audible.

  • Scope of delivery: Motor, 1,080 Wh battery and charger are included in the scope of delivery. You can optionally add the surcharge for the 1,425 Wh battery or additional batteries to the shopping cart. If you are not sure, please contact us directly.

Technology of the Torqeedo Travel

New 3 PS electric motor Torqeedo Travel

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Range of the Torqeedo Travel

Travel time and range depend on the battery. In an example with the Travel S and the 1080 Wh battery and a 3.80 m inflatable boat, we have the following measurements:

→ At full load, the Travel runs for about an hour. The speed is around 8.6 km/h in this case. Within the short time, a range of 8.5 kilometers could be covered.

→ At half power, the fun lasts for about a 2-hour trip on the water at a marching speed of 7.6 km/h and a range of 14.9 km.

→ If you plan longer and more comfortable tours on the water, you can even go much further with less power. At 1/4 of the power, a speed of 5.6 km/h was achieved for 4 hours. In total, a range of 22 km. And that with just one battery charge.

Range of the Torqeedo Travel

Charger and range of the electric outboard motor

The new 180 W fast charger ensures a quick charge of the Travel batteries. The 1080 Wh battery is fully charged within 6 hours and the 1,425 Wh battery within 8 hours - significantly faster than before with a larger battery. Respect!

In displacement mode, the required power increases exponentially. If you want to double your speed, you need eight times the power. At the same time, you can greatly increase the range of your trip by reducing the speed slightly.

Charger and range of the electric outboard motor

The new TorqView App

In addition, in the "TorqView" app you can display all possible information and a map. WLAN and Bluetooth are part of the standard equipment, so you can easily connect to the TorqView app. You can use maps, trip logs, usage statistics, maintenance information, OTA updates, and other high-tech features.

Do you want to use your Travel on a boat with a rowing or steering wheel? On the accessories page, you will find an optional remote kit that allows you to connect your Travel to the standard Teleflex steering.

The new TorqView App

Accessories from Torqeedo for your electric outboard motor

  • The free map app in combination with the TorqTrac Bluetooth adapter offers optimal handling on the water.

  • Charging with solar and solar charge controller even while driving possible with up to 200 W (now also compatible with solar panels from other manufacturers)

  • The Travel Bag Set is ideal for better comfort during transport.

  • Optionally, there are various chargers and a range of spare parts in case of emergency.

  • The specially herb-repellent propeller is already included in the delivery

Accessories from Torqeedo for your electric outboard motor

The electric motors of the manufacturer Torqeedo

Torqeedo is a German manufacturer and market leader in the field of electric boat drives. The idea for Torqeedo originated at Lake Starnberg due to bans on combustion engines. Boat engines with electric drive, on the other hand, can be driven without any worries.

At Torqeedo, particular emphasis is placed on easy handling and safety. Electric mobility on the water is also ideal for beginners in boating. The motors and batteries impress with high efficiency, as well as technical features such as the integrated onboard system. The manufacturer Torqeedo covers everything from the Ultralight 403 for kayaks to 140 hp motors for yachts, pod motors for sailboats or hybrid systems.

The electric motors of the manufacturer Torqeedo

Innovations made in Germany

The company provides many innovations within the industry, such as the battery of the BMW i3 electric car made seaworthy in cooperation with BMW. Recently, Torqeedo has also added some models of electric direct-drive boat motors to its range, promising a noiseless driving pleasure. Torqeedo was founded in 2005 and has been part of Deutz AG, a manufacturer of electric motors and machines, since 2017. The company, based in Gilching near Munich, distributes Torqeedo products internationally and has a large service network. By the way, Torqeedo is composed of the English words torque and speed.
Innovations made in Germany

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