METSTRADE 2023 - Electric motor news

METSTRADE 2023 - Electric motor news

Impressions of MetsTrade 2023

Exciting and promising are the first words that come to mind afterwards. The fair was much more crowded this year - not only visitors, but also exhibitors of electric motors and batteries. Within 2 days, we didn't manage to talk to all manufacturers.

In this blog you can read about the innovations. Unfortunately, we can't go into detail about every single company and report extensively. If you have any questions about individual companies/exhibitors, just give us a call!

Impressions of MetsTrade 2023

EPropulsion sets the tone

As one of the largest dealers for ePropulsion, we knew that METS would be used for a very special presentation. ePropulsion presented 3 new outboard motors with 12 kW, 20 kW, and 40 kW! Unexpectedly, a 12 kW pod motor was also presented.

In this power range, there has been [almost] no serious competition besides Torqeedo. ePropulsion has exceeded our expectations: electric control, electric trim and tilt, LiFePO4 batteries from the I-Series, and a connected and smart system landscape with GPS, course holding function, and geofencing.

ePropulsion sets the tone

High voltage - caution or full throttle?

High voltage is currently still under the radar in the boating industry in Germany. Many manufacturers try to stay in the low voltage range, out of fear of regulation, certification and improper use.

From a technical point of view, it is almost impossible to increase power without also increasing voltage. But let's be honest: even for connecting the stove or installing other electrical equipment, a professional should do it. Children are already warned not to touch the socket.

The same level of attention should be a matter of course in the boating industry. We have already obtained all the necessary certifications to operate high-voltage systems. Together with your boat builder, we can now get started and install your outboard, inboard or pod motor!

  • High voltage - caution or full throttle?-1
  • High voltage - caution or full throttle?-2
  • High voltage - caution or full throttle?-3
  • High voltage - caution or full throttle?-4
  • High voltage - caution or full throttle?-5

What is the market leader doing? Surprise!

Torqeedo doesn't sleep - just in time for MetsTrade, Torqeedo releases a revamped Travel product line along with a new logo/branding. This was more or less announced at boot 2023 in January, but nobody knew exactly what would happen. Torqeedo has now built and sold more than 250,000 electric motors. In recent years, more and more competition has emerged: an ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 PLUS with a better price-performance ratio, a Mercury Avator 7.5e that looks much more elegant and also some very affordable models like the Haswing Ultima 3.0. Torqeedo needed a new positioning. Keeping up with Chinese models in terms of price is simply not possible given production conditions, so the sails were set on "remaining market leader": quality, functionality, and connectivity. If I had to compare it to a car brand, Torqeedo would probably be an Audi in the affordable premium segment.
What is the market leader doing? Surprise!

Torqeedo Travel and Travel XP

The list of improvements is long: The Torqeedo Travel comes with a larger battery of 1,080 Wh or 1,425 Wh. The battery even has its own display. Torqeedo has developed a Click & Play mechanism: no more cables and a much easier way to attach the battery.
  • Torqeedo Travel and Travel XP-1
  • Torqeedo Travel and Travel XP-2
  • Torqeedo Travel and Travel XP-3
  • Torqeedo Travel and Travel XP-4
  • Torqeedo Travel and Travel XP-5

50 kW outboard motor at 48V

Molabo now brings the innovation of the 50 kW drive (80 kW peak) as an outboard motor to the market, after having it available as an inboard motor! The German company with production in Germany is thus opening up a completely new market for the sports boat sector.

If you have any questions about range, batteries, configuration and prices, please feel free to contact us!

50 kW outboard motor at 48V

EXTREME performance - commercial shipping and speedboats

Volta Future

Electric Z-drives with a very compact and patented design between 66 and 222 kW power. The drives are perfect for any type of planing boat and for a smooth integration into your boat.


300 kW quality motors from Switzerland as outboard, inboard or Z-drive. These can be used in combination as hybrid or for applications with hydrogen.


Inboard engines between 25 and 500 kW for various applications. So far, I have seen few controls that are as high-quality and modern - really impressive!

  • EXTREME performance - commercial shipping and speedboats-1
  • EXTREME performance - commercial shipping and speedboats-2
  • EXTREME performance - commercial shipping and speedboats-3

Electric jet drive

Zerojet, a company from New Zealand, has developed a jet drive specifically for small tenders and RIBs. The motor itself has 10 kW and is usually integrated into the boat in combination with a 5 kWh or 10 kWh battery.

The advantages of a jet drive are manifold: high efficiency, enormous acceleration, maximum driving pleasure. However, integrating it into the boat is of course not to be underestimated and much more complex than with a conventional outboard motor. Especially for new boat series, this drive could be really interesting!

  • Electric jet drive-1
  • Electric jet drive-2
  • Electric jet drive-3

Again and again there are new or well-established manufacturers of boat engines who want to establish themselves in the field of electric propulsion. The best example is currently probably the company Parsun, which is also known for its gasoline engines.

After the outboard with integrated battery, a 6 kW drive was also seen this time - similar to the Navy 6.0 EVO. Presumably even cheaper, but without being able to make statements about quality, durability and service.

Conclusion on METS 2023

The good news for all of us should be: the market for electric drives is under pressure, and new innovations and improvements are constantly being produced. And this development will certainly continue in the coming years.

For the boater and also for us as a specialist dealer, this has only advantages. We look forward to the next few years in this exciting and rapidly changing environment!

Conclusion on METS 2023

Questions? Contact us directly by phone!

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Questions? Contact us directly by phone!

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